Will TV series Island’s Tale be cancelled or be continued?

Island's Tale / Ada Masalı

Island’s Tale / Ada Masalı

After experts suggested that the series Island’s Tale / Ada Masalı, which has a very low rating, would not be available for the main season and would be completed on the 13th episode, fans of the project were very upset. However, unexpectedly, they learned information that could change the fate of the show.

For several months now, the Turkish show business has been discussing the possibility of co-financing TV shows by channels and digital platforms – the so-called “ongoing”, which is widely used abroad. Thus, even with low ratings, series can be kept on air, as they are released on platforms at the same time as they are broadcast on television.

It was a surprise to many that Ay Yapim, the company producing the Island’s Tale, had decided to be the first to do such an experiment, using as a partner the digital platform Shahid, which broadcasts throughout the Middle East and Europe. In 2019, the platform reportedly had 27 million subscribers, a figure that appears to have increased significantly during the pandemic.

The Island’s Tale is already being broadcast on the platform at the same time as airing in Turkey. It is officially announced that the show will have 117 episodes, which is 39 episodes in the Turkish version. The series is in the top 3 in France, the UK, in the top 10 in Morocco. These are the countries where we can get information about the top, perhaps there are much more of them.

Thus, most likely, the Island’s Tale series could not be cancelled. The digital platform Shahid belongs to the Arab media conglomerate MBC Group and may be able to continue funding the show even if the TV channel takes it off the air. It can be assumed that there are clear agreements with Ay Yapim on this matter.

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