Wedding of Oya Unustası and Ahmet Tansu Taşanlar

Oya Unustası and Ahmet Tansu Taşanlar

Oya Unustası and

A wedding is always wonderful. Especially when lovers who have overcome many obstacles are reunited. The wedding of the stars of the series Hercai Oya Unustası and has become one of the brightest events in Turkish show business this year.

On Friday, September 10, the long-awaited wedding of Oya Unustası and Ahmet Tansu Taşanlar took place. The couple has come a long way, full of love, disappointment, separation and reunion. A few years ago, their engagement took place, but then the lovers broke up, although they maintained a good relationship. However, when they were invited to work in the series Hercai, feelings between Oya and Ahmet flared up, which led to marriage.

Of course, the wedding was attended by the actors of the Hercai series, who, after three years of working together, managed to become a real family. Ebru Şahin came to the celebration with her beloved Cedi Osman.

The witnesses at the wedding were  Engin Akyürek and Toygar Işıklı. Engin and Ahmet became friends while working together on the TV series “If I Become a Cloud”, which was released in 2009. Then there was the second collaboration in the series Black Money Love. Since then, friends have not parted, supporting each other in both sadness and joy. Engin Akyürek had a lot of fun and even tried to catch the bride’s bouquet. It remains for us to wish the couple family happiness and long joint years of life.

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