The series Şahmeran will be decisive for Serenay Sarıkaya’s career

The new fantasy series Şahmeran starring Serenay Sarıkaya will either return the actress to her former popularity, or put an end to her career. Why is the success of the new Netflix series so important to the star?

In 2015, the last episode of the popular youth series of the television channel Star TV Tide / Medcezir starring Serenay Sarıkaya and was released. The young actress, who had previously starred only in supporting roles in Turkish TV series, became a real star. However, the actress, instead of enjoying the fruits of success, first decided to work on the local platform Puhu TV, starring in the failed series FI CI PI, and then started working in a musical.

In six years, new stars have appeared, and viewers have turned their attention to other actresses. Even a stormy personal life could not keep the audience’s interest in Serenay, her Instagram account has lost more than half a million followers over the past year. The most logical decision for her would be to return to television, but she chose the safer option of working on a digital platform. However, this time it will not be Turkish, but the international platform Netflix.

As it became known, the producers of TIMS & B were finally able to convince Burak Deniz to take part in a new series in the fantasy genre Şahmeran, where he will become a co-star of Serenay Sarıkaya. The actress will play the role of a 400-year-old snake who is studying at university, concealing her true identity.

In the next few days, filming of the project will start. It will take place in Adana, Tarsus and Datça. The series is written by Pinar Bulut. It was directed by Umut Turagay, who had previously worked on the series The Unfinished Circle of Love. Mert Ramazan Demir, Mustafa Uğurlu, Mahir Günşiray, Ebru Özkan, Mehmet Bilge Aslan and Nilay Erdönmez are in the cast of the project.

While digital platforms can give an actor worldwide success and recognition, they also have ratings. Failure would mean the end of Serenay’s career, so there’s too much at stake for her.

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