When will the series Forbidden Fruit make its finale?

Forbidden Fruit / Yasak Elma

Forbidden Fruit /

The series Forbidden Fruit / is one of the most stable projects of the Turkish broadcasting. However, all good things come to an end and the producer Fatih Aksoy officially announced the finale. When will we see the end of this exciting story and what will happen next?

On Friday, October 22nd, the Forbidden Fruit / Yasak Elma  team celebrated the 5th anniversary of the start of filming for the popular Fox TV project. Producer Fatih Aksoy officially announced that this season will be the last for the series, that is, viewers will see the final in May-June next year. In response, the film crew posted a placard saying “this love will not end.”

However, despite the love for their project, the actors have already started looking for a new job in advance. So, the star of the series, Eda Ece, told the presenter of the YouTube program “Evening with Ibrahim Selim” that she had begun preparations for a new comedy series. The script of the project was written by her personally, she will also become a producer. 10 episodes of the new show will be released on one of the international digital platforms.

Apparently, Eda’s series will start filming next summer. Then we will learn about new projects of other stars of the Forbidden Fruit.

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