Hande Erçel spoke about Kerem Bürsin and the new project

Hande Erçel spoke about Kerem Bürsin and the new project

spoke about Kerem Bürsin and the new project

Fans of Hande Erçel are most concerned about two questions: which project will the star choose, and the relationship with her beloved Kerem Bürsin. At a small impromptu press conference, the actress answered both questions. What did she say?

More recently, Hande Erçel went to the United States for a short time with her friends, among whom was Bensu Soral. Upon returning home, the actress was spotted leaving the acting agency. Paparazzi asked the actress about her future plans. Hande said she is currently reading the scripts, but there is nothing concrete yet. It doesn’t matter to her whether the project will be on the digital platform or on television.

As for the holiday in the United States, it was very fun, in a girl’s company, they were pleased. They deliberately put on the same dresses with Bensu and took photos in them. When asked by journalists whether it is true that Kerem Bürsin can sometimes drink too much, which he admitted to, Hande laughed and said that she did not notice this. Everything is fine with them. She also confirmed that most likely, if Kerem had not become an actor, he would have become a wrestling coach, her sweetheart is very fond of sports (which he said in the last interview). But since childhood, she dreamed of only one thing – to become an actress.

Of course, the star’s fans immediately wondered how her negotiations about a new series were connected with the intention to study in the United States. However, the conclusion of the agreement does not mean that filming will begin immediately. It is quite possible that Hande will have several months before starting a new project. In addition, distance learning is now widely practiced all over the world. Due to the pandemic, it has become predominant and, perhaps, Hande will not even have to travel to Los Angeles to receive training from the coach of the stars, Lori Lively. Hazal Kaya, for example, before starting work on the series “Midnight at the Pera Palace,” worked with Lori online. And we’ll know exactly which project Hande Erçel is going to choose very soon.

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