İbrahim Çelikkol is getting divorced from his wife!

İbrahim Çelikkol is getting divorced from his wife!

is getting divorced from his wife!

We have very unpleasant news for the fans of İbrahim Çelikkol. The beautiful love story of the actor and his wife ended in divorce. Alas, this year has become fatal for the couple, and it is not a rumor, but a sad reality.

The end of 2021 is overshadowed by another separation of the star couple. As the program 2-nd page / 2.Sayfa reported, and his wife Mihre Çelikkol tried for many months to save their marriage for the sake of their son, but in the end they surrendered, deciding to divorce by agreement (that is, there will be one court session, the parties will divorce without a scandal).

News of a family breakdown appeared long ago, but for a long time they remained at the level of rumors. But now they’re in a very concrete form. As it turned out, the couple broke up in mid-summer and told relatives that they were going to file a divorce. However, the spouses still tried to give a second chance to marriage, keeping it for the sake of their son. Alas, this did not work out. As Mihre admitted in an interview with Posta publication, they did break up, but so far no formal petition for divorce had been filed.

Unfortunately, as a rule, such attempts to save a family are doomed to failure, as we have seen once again.

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