Ahmet Hakan criticized Beren Saat

Ahmet Hakan criticized Beren Saat

Ahmet Hakan criticized

The editor-in-chief of the publication Hürriyet Ahmet Hakan continues to fight with everyone. This time he released an article in which he wrote that he actually has a great sense of humor and loves jokes. But when joked about him, it was not funny, the joke was not successful. Recall that at one of the events dedicated to the celebration of March 8, Cem announced that Ahmet became the winner of the Hazal Kaya Award for Best Actress.

Then the journalist said that when Beren Saat was just starting to play on television, she played well, and now she is playing worse and worse, she was actually terrible in the series The Gift. And all because long breaks between filming, like Beren, do not benefit the actors, they lose their skills.

It seems that many Turkish viewers are surprised to see how the acting of the actors who go to the platforms is changing. However, we note that in this case they work for the global audience and must take into account the requirements of not only the Turks.  

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