Is Beren Saat the queen of Turkish TV series?

The Turkish bloggers declare that after the release of the Netflix series Atiye / The Gift Beren Saat will gain even more popularity in Turkey and abroad. They do not doubt success because Beren is real queen of the Turkish screens.

This year will be her year. makes the same company and almost the same team as the successful series, so there is no reason to doubt the success of the series with the Turkish and foreign viewers. Considering that the international audience is particularly warm towards actresses, it is quite possible that Beren, with the release of the show, will break the IMDB record, that Ayça Ayşin Turan set (recall that she took 42nd place among all the actors of the world in this database).

Can Beren come forward ahead time will tell. We can only wait for the release of The Gift. Preliminary date of the premiere is December 2019.  The filming of the first season of the series has already been completed. Now Netflix is preparing for the shooting of the second season. Ali Taner Baltaci is being considered as a director of the second season.

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