There are huge queues at the Pera Palace Hotel

Journalist Arif Hür published an article with information that a real pilgrimage began to the Pera Palace Hotel after the release of the series “Midnight at the Pera Palace”. Every day, there are huge queues at the doors at any time of the day. As the journalist found out, on average, 2.5 thousand people come to the hotel every day for a tour. After talking with some tourists, he noted one common feature: they all hope that the shooting of the second season of the project has already begun, and maybe they will be lucky enough to see Hazal Kaya.

The cost of staying at the hotel has increased by 70% over the past month and now varies from 3 to 25 thousand per room. The most popular rooms are booked weeks in advance and those wishing to stay in them are asked to call later. Most of the tourists are foreign citizens.

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