Neslihan Atagül – new movie

Great news for fans of Neslihan Atagül! Following the series, which will be released in the fall, the actress got a role in a very promising movie. Filming will begin in the summer. What do we know about the project right now?

The tabloid Posta reports that will star in the remake of the popular 1986 comedy Aaahh Belinda. The film will be released on one of the digital platforms. The rights to the remake were acquired by OGM Pictures. This is a cult comedy-fiction film by Atif Yılmaz starring Müjde Ar.

Neslihan will play actress Serap, who is involved in filming of Belinda’s shampoo commercials. Although she is skeptical about family life, her character is a typical housewife named Nasiye. Suddenly, during the filming, she realizes that both the film crew and the pavilion have disappeared, and she finds herself in the reality that she advertised. Now she is Nasiye and no one sees Serap in her. Her family is sure that the young woman is depressed, and she has to work hard to prove otherwise.

Müjde Ar in her interview expressed her delight  that old films are getting a second life, and they are being remade.

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