The series ‘Smile at your Destiny’ makes the final

Smile at Your Destiny / Gülümse Kaderine

Smile at Your Destiny / Gülümse Kaderine

Sad news for fans of the series “Smile to your Destiny.” The Fox TV channel decided to cancel the project. What happened, and when will the TV show make its finale?

Avşar Film’s for Fox TV channel series “Smile at Your Destiny / Gülümse Kaderine” began in late spring at a time when Turkey was celebrating religious holidays. Alas, this did not contribute to interest in the project. In addition, the old-hat script, which repeated the previous series of the company, also played a negative role. According to well-known journalist Birsen Altuntas, the management of the TV channel decided to cancel the show on the fifth episode.

The star of the show, Bahar Şahin, thanked Ms. Birsen for informing about the finale, writing that they would find out from the journalist both the date of the start of the show and the date of its end. Many mistook this as irony, hoping that the series will be continued, but we recall that, unfortunately, such cases are not uncommon in Turkish show business. Film crews often find out that a show has been canceled after returning from lunch, and not from the producers, but from Twitter.

Whether Birsen Altuntas was right and when the series makes the final, we will know in the coming days.


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