Who became the co-star of Erkan Meriç?

Erkan Meriç

Erkan Meriç

Great news for fans of Erkan Meriç! The actor returns to the screens in a new daytime series, and we already know the name of his co-star. What do we know about the TV show right now?

The owner of the TV8 channel, Acun Ilicali, does not stop trying to attract the Turkish audience to watch the series. So far, the channel is popular due to its reality shows, but the TV shows are the big piece of “television cake” to be ignored.

However, unlike the management of other TV channels, Mr. Acun does not want to spend money on high-budget shows that may fail on the air. In the new television season, he decided to produce low-cost prime-time series. One of these projects will be the series “Trap / Tuzak” starring Akın Akınözü and Talat Bulut.

The second option is the creation of daytime TV shows that are cheap to produce and fill the television airtime. So, the series “Leylifer”, which is produced by Neslihan Atagül and Kadir Doğulu, was purchased for broadcast.

Another promising daytime project is the series “Fate / Yazgı” starring Erkan Meriç. After a prime-time setback, the actor who made his name in the TV series “Prisoner of Love / Adını Sen Koy” decided to return to the daytime TV shows. Erkan’s co-star has already been found: this is a young actress, Yağmur Öztürk. The screenwriter is Yaşar Aksu. Directed by Hakan Şahin.

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