Which Turkish series will continue in the 2022/23 season?

With the arrival of June, many of the main season series aired on television screens either took a hiatus or ended their airing. Which of them will return to the screens in the new autumn-winter season 2022/23?

TV series of channel D “The Trial / Yargı” starring Kaan Urgancıoğlu and Pinar Deniz has become one of the most popular television projects of the educated and wealthy audience (AB) and easily got a ticket to the second season.

The series “For my family / Kardeşlerim“, despite the loss of several leading actors, successfully stayed on the air for the second season and was extended for the third one.

The series of the ATV channel “The Ottoman / Kuruluş Osman” starring is the leading historical show of the Turkish air. The only question that worries fans is whether there will be five seasons, as previously announced, or whether the project of producer Mehmet Bozdağ will be renewed for a sixth season.

The series “Alparslan: The Great Seljuks / Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu” starring Barış Arduç has quite decent ratings and the decision to renew the show for the 2nd season was quite obvious. True, Barış will have a new co-star in the new season as left the cast.

The series “Heart Mountain / Gönül Dağı” starring Berk Atan is the most popular TV show in Turkey, attracting the attention of the average viewer (total), which enjoys watching the life of the Turkish hinterland. Despite the fact that the leading lady Gülsum Ali left the cast, the series was renewed for the next season.

The series “Intelligence / Teşkilat” starring Çağlar Ertuğrul and Deniz Baysal started with an excellent rating, but the second season was not so successful. Despite this, the project of the state TV channel TRT1 has a very solid margin of safety and is entering its third season.

The series “Backstreets / Arka Sokaklar“, which has been on the screens for the second decade, has been renewed for the 17th season. It is curious that it was in this project that many stars of the Turkish screen (Çağatay Ulusoy, Tolga Sarıtaş, Aras Bulut İynemli, Berk Oktay) started. During this time they have already managed to prove themselves in serious roles, but the endless criminal saga is still going on.

The series “Chrysalis / Camdaki Kız” starring Burcu Biricik will also meet with viewers in the new season. The audience complains about the slow pace of the story, but continues to watch it carefully.

The series “Prisoner / Mahkum” starring Onur Tuna and İsmail Hacıoğlu, although it began to sag in the ratings as soon as the Turkish scriptwriters began to correct the plot of the Korean drama, still has excellent ratings and easily passed for the second season.

The series “Forbidden Fruit / Yasak Elma” starring Eda Ece turned out to be one of the most successful projects of producer Fatih Aksoy. The main characters change, but the series continues its journey on the air. We will not see Berk Oktay, who has already signed a contract for a new series in the new season, but Şevval Sam took time to think and may still remain in the cast.

The series “Barbarossa: Sword of the Mediterranean / Barbaroslar: Akdeniz’in Kılıcı” turned out to be the biggest disappointment for fans of Turkish television production. Despite the huge budget, the show did not receive good ratings, however, it was still renewed for a second season. In the autumn we will see a completely renewed cast. The events of the second season will take place during the time of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent and will be dedicated to the story of Barbarossa Hayrettin Paşa. It is not yet clear whether Ulaş Tuna Astepe will remain in the series or another actor will play the main role. Ulaş will decide whether to stay or leave the show after reviewing the script for the second season.

The series “Three Sisters / Üç Kiz Kardes” has become one of the revelations of the spring television season. It seems that a strong literary source helped the scriptwriters create a plot that interested Turkish viewers, and a renewal for a second season looks quite logical.

The series “Legend / Destan“, despite the loss of most of the audience, still received a ticket to the second season. Perhaps this was facilitated by the fact that the show was sold to foreign digital platforms, and this allowed the creators to receive the necessary funding to continue the story.

The series “Kindness / Iyilik” turned out to be an excellent replacement for the hit “Unfaithful” that just ended. The story of adultery still arouses great interest among viewers and is confidently moving into the next season.

The series “Father / Baba“, starring Haluk Bilginer and Tolga Sarıtaş, did not please the fans of the actors with good ratings, however, the Show TV channel nevertheless decided to renew the show for a second season, probably bearing in mind that competition with digital platforms will be tough and getting big stars on TV will be quite a challenge.

The series “Aziz” starring Murat Yıldırım, unexpectedly for many, was renewed for a second season, despite rather modest ratings. Apparently, the channel does not want to miss the big star, besides, it has the excellent sales abroad that also matter.

The series “Lone Wolf / Yalnız Kurt” has been renewed for a second season, despite the scandal surrounding the project. One of the Turkish MPs criticized the show, accusing the creators of insulting the Kurdish minority. He even hastened to declare that there would be no continuation of the series. However, the management of the ATV channel did not heed the exhortations of the statesman. Filming of the second season will start on June 30, though Damla Colbay will no longer be in the cast.

The series “City Doctor / Kasaba Doktoru” took a short break in June and has already returned to the set. Despite the low ratings, the show will be continued. This is not uncommon for a state-owned TV channel; its management is guided not only by ratings, but also by politics, believing that they should show the life of ordinary people.

Despite the fact that a fairly large number of series have been renewed for the second and subsequent seasons, this does not mean that they will be able to stay on the air in the fall. Quite often, Turkish TV channels remove from broadcast already renewed TV shows that do not receive the desired ratings in the new season.

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