Which summer TV Shows 2022 will make the final?

The 2022 summer TV season proved to be quite challenging for TV channels. Neither classic romantic comedies, nor youth stories, nor conventional dramas evoke the same enthusiasm that was in previous seasons. Which TV shows will stay on the air, and which will be canceled in the coming weeks?

According to well-known journalist Sina Kologlu, the situation with summer TV shows looks very uncertain. He spoke with the head of one of the TV channels in Turkey, who admitted that earlier the TV shows were filmed with better quality (for example, Love for Rent, The Daydreamer). Now its quality has fallen significantly. None of the newcomers did not reach the cherished bar of 5% in ratings.

The series “Dusty Shore / Tozlu Yaka” leads the rating of this summer with a modest result of 4.37%. The project has potential, but the Turkish audience is rather capricious and quickly cools down to the show if the story begins to slow down. The dynamics of the next two weeks will show whether the scriptwriters have coped with the task or failed.

The series “More beautiful than you / Senden Daha Güzel” started quite well, but lost its audience in the second week of the broadcast. Alas, this summer, the romantic comedies have rather weak ratings. It seems that viewers are becoming more demanding of television products, constantly comparing them with shows on digital platforms.

The series “Balkan Lullaby / Balkan Ninnisi” lost viewers in the second week of the broadcast, but still stays above 3%. While the position of the project is unstable, but it may well find its audience, especially considering that the management of TRT1 does not worry too much about ratings.

The new youth series “Hear Me / Duy Beni” earned praise in social networks, but started weakly with a score of 1.36%. This is the worst start of all the summer shows. However, already in the second episode, its ratings improved and fans had hope that it would remain on the air at least until the end of summer.

The series “The Tale of the Rose / Gul Masali” after a good start could not keep the attention of the audience. Only two episodes were needed for the Turkish viewers to be disappointed in the project. Especially significant is the sharp drop in ratings in the AB category. An educated and wealthy audience will not waste their time on what they are not interested in. Whether the TV show will survive until the fall is a big question.

The series “Undercover / Gizli Saklı” has not overcome the bar of 3%, which puts the project in a rather difficult position. The cancelation of summer series which did not live up to the expectations of TV channels has already begun, and with such a rating, any summer television show automatically falls into the risk zone.

The series “You will fall in love / Seversin” is slowly but surely losing its audience, the bar of 3% looks unattainable. The rating is weak enough, and it is possible that the decision to cancel the show can be made this month.

The series “Time to love / Sevmek Zamanı” turned out to be the main loser of this summer. After two episodes, it became clear to the channel that the project had no chance, and it was decided to cancel it on the 5th episode.

The series “Inner Fire / İçimizdeki Ateş” also showed extremely low ratings, which quite expectedly led to the cancelation. So far, only one thing is not known: whether the series will be canceled on the 5th or on the 6th episode.

The series “Oh, where / Ah Nerede” was broadcast on Friday without any competitor, but this fact did not affect the ratings in any way. Viewers are leaving for digital platforms, and getting them back is becoming more and more problematic. Whether the show will be able to stay on the air with 2% in the ratings is a big question.

The series of the state TV channel TRT1 “I hid you in my heart / Seni Kalbime Sakladım” in the second week of the broadcast improved a little in both categories. The figures are quite weak, but even a small increase in the current conditions looks good and helps the series to hold out until the main television season. Moreover, the show is released on the state channel, which means there is a guarantee that it will not be abandoned halfway. However, considering that the state channel is preparing new big projects for the fall, it is unlikely that the series will stay on the air for the entire autumn-winter season.

Another TRT1 series “Black Board / Kara Tahta” was originally planned to be broadcast for the whole summer, but due to catastrophic ratings, it was decided to end the show. The series will make its finale in the coming days.

It seems that this season TV channels have made many interesting offers to their audience, but the demand for TV series has been very low. This week, the Turkish audience is waiting for the premiere of the mafia drama “Life as it is / Gelsin Hayat Bildiği Gibi”. The reaction of the audience to this project will probably show the main trends of the next autumn television season.

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