Çağatay Ulusoy: what happened on the set of the series ‘The Tailor’?

According to the Turkish press, Çağatay Ulusoy, who is now filming the OGM Pictures series for the Netflix digital platform “The Tailor / Terzi”, had very unpleasant moments on the set.

The 31-year-old actor, who is familiar to viewers from the series “The girl named Feriha”, “Tide”, “Insider” and “The Protector”, recently acquired a 7,750 square meter plot of land in Sögüt worth 12 million Turkish liras, where he intends to build a house with a sea view. He is currently filming in the series “The Tailor / Terzi”, where his co-star is Şifanur Gül. Olgun Şimşek, Salih Bademci, Ece Sükan and Berrak Tüzünataç are also in the cast of the series.

According to journalist Umit Unver, miraculously survived after a camera mounted on the hood of the car came off during a car chase scene. If it broke through the glass, the actor would have received serious injuries, but fortunately, it fell on the road. As it turned out, Çağatay is one of the owners of the company, which provided a camera worth 500,000 liras for rent. However, despite the serious financial losses and the unpleasant moments that he experienced, the actor did not resent, preferring to remain silent.

Unfortunately, this is not the first and, most likely, not the last accident on film sets in Turkey, where safety is not the strongest side of the filming process.

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