Murat Yıldırım & the cancelation of the TV series ‘Aziz’

Fans of are upset and worried by the scandal that erupted around their favorite actor. He is accused of leaving more than two hundred people unemployed. What happened?

The well-known journalist Birsen Altuntas reports another scandal in Turkish show business, practically blaming Murat Yıldırım for disrupting the shooting of the Aziz series, leaving hundreds of people unemployed, as he agreed to star in the series “Intelligence / Teşkilat”.

According to Mrs. Altuntas, Murat deliberately criticized the script for the 2nd season of the series “Aziz”, forcing it to be rewritten several times and still rejected the final version of the script. Then he unexpectedly returned to Istanbul from the USA. A week after the cancellation of the TV show, he already posed with his new co-star Deniz Baysal, immediately starting filming in the series “Intelligence / Teşkilat”.

One of the employees of the film crew of the series “Aziz” confirmed the words of the journalist and complained that 200 people were unemployed, as they refused other offers at the beginning of the season.  

However, we note that Turkish show business is a very scandalous place, where there is envy for more successful. Birsen Altuntas has long been well known to all fans of Turkish series for her incredible ability to report scandals that later turn out to be fake news. Neither her information, nor the opinion of one of the unnamed employees of the film crew, can be one hundred percent proof of Murat’s guilt.

In addition, the series “Aziz” by the end of the season had fallen so much in the ratings that its renewal for the 2nd season caused surprise among experts. The decision to cancel the show looks very logical and timely, and most importantly, it has nothing to do with the behavior of the leading actor.


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