When will the shooting of Can Yaman’s new series start?

Great news for fans of the famous Turkish actor Can Yaman. Shooting of the series “The Turk” for the digital platform Disney Plus will begin in the very near future. In addition, fans of the star await a few more surprises.

The well-known journalist Birsen Altuntas claims that Can Yaman’s series “Violet as the Sea / Viola come il mare” in Italian attracted a lot of attention from the audience and achieved high ratings. Note that the series started from the sixth position in the Italian ratings, but lost a little in the second episode and is still in an precarious position. Its further fate will be determined by the subsequent dynamics.

Meanwhile, Can continues to prepare for the role in the series “The Turk / El Turco”, which will be filmed in Budapest. Production company Ay Yapim is preparing a series for the Disney Plus digital platform. Directed by Uluç Bayraktar. Screenplay written by Kerem Deren and Cisil Hazal Tenim. Filming for the series will begin this week. Interestingly, the project is filmed in English.

The journalist also reports that is an unofficial advertising face of the Dolce & Gabbana brand. At the end of the month, a commercial starring the Turkish actor will be released. He has also been the face of the famous De Gecco pasta brand for 3 years now. It can be stated that the career of the Turkish actor abroad is developing quite dynamically. In addition, in the near future he will work in the upcoming series “Sandokan”, the shooting of which has been postponed for now.

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