Selahattin Paşalı: ‘It was a great year’

gave an interview to Milliyet Sanat magazine, in which he admitted that the past year was very successful for him. It was like a dream. He got married, became a father, visited the Cannes Film Festival, received awards … Probably he should have checked his horoscope.

The main thing for him is not to participate in the competition who is more beautiful, but to be able to try different roles. If you are in a race for the prettiest face, there will always be a prettier actor nearby, which means you are out of the competition. However, your acting potential is the result of your efforts, it will not go away because there is another talent nearby. On the contrary, it will only get worse. Selahattin admitted that he really likes being a father, but he began to experience much more after the birth of his daughter Pera, because the responsibility increased.

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