Did İbrahim Çelikkol disrupt the filming of a Netflix series?

İbrahim Çelikkol

İbrahim Çelikkol

According to Birsen Altuntaş, yesterday the filming of the third season of the Netflix series “As a crow flies / Kuş Uçuşu” was cancelled due to İbrahim Çelikkol. İbrahim came to the set in the morning, but he stated that he was feeling unwell. The actor was examined by a doctor and received an IV drip. İbrahim said that he needed to sleep a little, and during his rest, some minor scenes were shot.

After several hours of waiting during which scenes involving Birce Akalay, İrem Sak, and Defne Kayalar were shot, İbrahim woke up but said that he was unable to work and left the set, causing dissatisfaction among the filming crew. As a result, further filming has been cancelled for today.

Birsen reminds us that İbrahim had previously left work to help the people of Hatay after an earthquake. However, he has previously had serious health problems on the set of the series “Bitter Lands,” which provoked scandals during filming.

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