Rating for Monday, October 2, 2023

Ratings of Turkish TV

Ratings of Turkish TV

The series “Safir” grew by 0.11% in total but lost 0.85% in AB. It seems that the average viewer is enthusiastic about the show, although it’s not yet a hit in the strict sense. However, the AB audience did not appreciate the series. Nevertheless, for ATV, which traditionally focuses on total ratings, this is not a significant problem.

The series “Omer” grew by 0.91% in total and by 1.33% in AB. A decent increase in the second season indicates the sustained interest of viewers in Onur Güvenatam’s show, which is valued more than sharp rating jumps in the first months of airing. It appears that the series will comfortably remain on air for the entire season.

The series “Bambaşka Biri” grew by 0.04% in total and by 0.22% in AB. A slight rise inspires some optimism, although the dynamics are still very unstable, and the audience hasn’t made up its mind about whether it likes the series or not. The show has a chance to either stay on air or decline in ratings, and consequently be canceled, as Fox TV has several new series in line. However, considering the extensive experience of the scriptwriter, it’s likely that “Completely Different” will manage to capture the hearts of viewers.

4. Safir – 4.51%⬆
5. Omer – 4.26%⬆
6. Bambaşka Biri – 3.99%⬆

2. Omer – 4.84%⬆
3. Bambaşka Biri – 4.32%⬆
13. Safir – 2.11%⬇