Rating for Monday, October 9, 2023

Ratings of Turkish TV

Ratings of Turkish TV

The series “Omer” increased by 0.61% in total and 0.15% in AB. It seems that in the second season, the writers of the show have found the key to the hearts of Turkish viewers, who are clearly interested in what is happening on the screen. Whether the growth will continue in the future is hard to say, but the trend is very promising.

The series “Safir” grew by 0.16% in total and 0.71% in AB. The show remains a strong “middling,” having its dedicated audience, which, despite the banality of the story, continues to enjoy following the development of the main characters’ relationships. It seems the series is stable enough and might stay on air for a whole season.

The series “Bambaşka Biri” lost 0.71% in total and 1.01% in AB. It seems that viewers are reacting somewhat reservedly to the new story from the famous screenwriter Ethem Özışık, despite the prominent names in the cast. Something is clearly not going well, but the series still has a safety net, and it’s possible to regain the audience’s interest. Whether the team of the series will succeed, we will find out very soon.

1. Omer – 4.87%⬆
2. Safir – 4.67%⬆
10. Bambaşka Biri – 3.28%⬇

1. Omer – 4.99%⬆
4. Bambaşka Biri – 3.31%⬇
8. Safir – 2.82%⬆