İlayda Çevik in the TV series ‘Aldatmak’

İlayda Çevik

İlayda Çevik

İlayda Çevik, known for her previous successful roles, has joined the cast of the series “Aldatmak,” which airs on ATV.

In the new season of the series, İlayda Çevik will play the role of Ipek, the daughter of Seza. Ipek is an ambitious and determined woman who intends to seek revenge for what her family has done to her.

İlayda Çevik shared insights about her role: “Ipek is a very vivid personality. She is a very interesting character. I don’t want to give any hints, but she will keep the audience in suspense.”

The second season of the series “Betrayal” has already started, and Ipek has quickly woven her intrigues and deceit into the story. İlayda is diligently working to make the character of Ipek compelling and evoke various emotions from the audience.

Berkay Ates, who is also part of the cast in the second season, stated: “It’s interesting to work with such a cast. I hope that thanks to the strong cast and the wonderful script, this will be a good season.”

İlayda Çevik’s addition to the series “Betrayal” is undoubtedly an event that will delight fans of the actress. She is a talented actress who always brings something new to her roles. Her character Ipek promises to be vivid and memorable.