Can Yaman quarreled with Turkish fans

Can Yaman

Can Yaman

The star of the series “The Daydreamer,” Can Yaman, continues to stir up the Turkish press with his unconventional behavior and scandalous statements, causing outrage among Turkish viewers after moving to Italy.

In social media, a new scandal involving Turkish actor Can Yaman, who continues filming in the Italian series “Violet Like the Sea,” is being discussed. A video surfaced showing the furious actor seizing and tossing the phone of a persistent fan who was shooting photos despite the chauffeur’s caution.

Can made a statement about the incident: “This person behaved rudely from the beginning, did not ask for permission to take pictures, and did not even greet.”

According to the Turkish program “2nd Page,” Can responded on his Instagram account to criticism from some Turkish social media users. The star’s statements include the following:

“You are not in a position to give me smart advice or criticize me…”
“I did not come here to eat pizza and behave like a tourist; I am here for work.”
“I have long stopped hoping for your approval, so if you let me, I will do even better at my job.”
“Let’s have another post in Turkish; today is a good day for me…”

In turn, the well-known journalist Baris Kocaoglu expressed his opinion on the incident. In particular, he wrote: “Can Yaman, now enjoying international success in Italy, has always expressed his respect for fans. However, seeing his recent statement on social media, I am honestly surprised by his indignation. Honestly, this is unacceptable for the Turkish press and Turkey as a whole. Wherever you are and however successful you become, you will always be perceived as a Turkish actor. It’s sad that you forgot that you filmed in Turkey, and it was precisely this that opened the doors for you. It’s a shame that you represent yourself not with love for your homeland, for those who helped you achieve all this, but with such indignation. If you have to come and work in this country in the future, these words will remind you!”

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