Kerem Bürsin spoke about the competition with Can Yaman

Kerem Bürsin spoke about the competition with Can Yaman

Kerem Bürsin spoke about the competition with Can Yaman

Kerem Bürsin and Can Yaman are waging a fierce battle for the hearts of Italian and Spanish viewers. At least, the Turkish press is sure of this. But is this really so, and what does Kerem think of the rivalry?

Kerem Bürsin in his last interview told the Turkish press that he is now negotiating to star in a new project. He cannot say anything yet, but there are very good shows. What matters to him is that it’s a fascinating story. As the actor admitted, he was surprised by the reaction he received from fans abroad, in Spain, in Italy. However, there are a lot of Turkish actors who enjoy the attention of foreign fans, all receive equal love from the public.

When asked that in Italy he became a rival to Can Yaman, Kerem replied that he did not see any kind of rivalry. In general, it is wrong to consider their profession as some kind of competition. Everyone has their own situation, their own path, their own career. Success comes to everyone in their own way. And they have the common goal of celebrating their country abroad.

Regarding relations with Hande Erçel Kerem said that they are developing well. Both are now at a new stage in their careers, they have a lot of work, negotiations are underway on new projects. His beloved deserves all the awards she receives, she works very hard. However, they do not brag about their successes to each other, it somehow does not come to mind. They discuss scenarios, new stories, they’re interested in each other’s projects.

Of course, the journalists asked if the couple was going to get married. As Kerem said, their relationship is only at the very beginning, and they are very happy with how they are developing. Marriage is a very important step in life. They have work, projects, and a career ahead of them, so it’s too early to think about formalizing the relationship.

Alas, the paparazzi were once again have learned that Kerem Bürsin is not the person who will give them a scandal or sensation. Politely, but firmly, the actor turned the conversation to what he really cares about: projects and a career. The Turkish press can only look for “hot material” elsewhere.

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