Bay Yanlış VS Sen Çal Kapımı: which TV Show stays on air?

Bay Yanlış VS Sen Çal Kapımı

Bay Yanlış VS Sen Çal Kapımı

Kerem Bürsin or Can Yaman? Which actor won the hearts of capricious Turkish audiences this summer? Knock on my door or Mr Wrong? Which series will air in the fall, and which will make the finale? We’ve got the details you wanted to know!

Each summer, Turkish TV channels release several romantic summer comedies that compete with each other for the attention of the Turkish viewer. And every summer there is only one winner, continuing his way on air in the main autumn-winter season. So which TV series has a chance to win this tough battle for survival in summer 2020?

The columnist of the tabloid Aksam Kocaoğlu believes that this summer Can Yaman lost to Kerem Bürsin. Everyone he knows loved the summer show Knock on my door / Sen Çal Kapımı more than Mr. Wrong / Bay Yanlış. The main reason for the success is a very beautiful couple with Hande Erçel. The journalist will not even be surprised if on-screen love grows into real love. But Mr Wrong’s script leaves much to be desired. The audience will soon get bored.

Let’s just say the ratings for Knock on my door are actually better. However, they are slowly dropping, as are the numbers of Mr Wrong. Fox TV has ordered several new TV shows for the fall television season, so it will have room for only one summer project. To prove its viability, Mr Wrong doesn’t have a lot of time, because the fall season starts in a month. Everything will depend on the next four episodes.

It is quite difficult to predict which series will remain on the air and which will leave the broadcasting grid. Knock on my door has the best chance so far, but that could change.

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