Hayal Köseoğlu in the new series “Golden Cage”: Love and Intrigues

Hayal Köseoğlu

Hayal Köseoğlu

Turkish actress Hayal Köseoğlu is returning to screens in a new series titled “Golden Cage / Altın Kafes.” She will play the role of Ahu in the dramatic show airing on ATV channel. This series marks her new creative challenge, following her successful roles in “The Miracle Doctor” and “The Prisoner” in previous seasons.

The new show, created by Arc Film and led by the writer Rahşan Çiğdem İnan and director Cem Akyoldaş, will present viewers with a captivating story of love and intrigue. The first episode of “Golden Cage” is set to air on December 3.

Hayal Köseoğlu will portray Ahu, the assistant to the renowned businessman Onur Beyoğlu, an ambitious woman in love with her boss. The actions of her character, taking risks to win Onur’s heart and get closer to him, promise to surprise the audience. Fans eagerly anticipate how Hayal Köseoğlu will handle this new and unexpected role in “Golden Cage.”

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