Beril Pozam’s role will increase in the new season of the series ‘Golden Boy’

Golden Boy

Golden Boy

The series “Golden Boy” is a show where female characters play a significant role. In the first season, viewers discussed Afra Saraçoğlu in the role of Seyran and Buçe Buse Kahraman as Pelin the most. Gülcin Santırcıoğlu as İfakat and Gözde Kansu as Gülgün Korhan also played important supporting roles.

Another standout actress in the series is Beril Pozam, who portrays Seyran’s older sister, Suna. It is expected that in the new season of the series, Beril Pozam will stand out even more. The writers intend to captivate the audience with episodes where the two women in the mansion begin to vie for power. According to the script, Beril is expected to play a more active role in the upcoming episodes, influencing the storyline.

The process of the two sisters taking charge of the mansion signifies that the script will become more dynamic. Although Seiran has temporarily left the Korhan family nest, she is likely to return soon. Viewers can anticipate episodes where Suna and Seiran will compete for power.

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