Rating for Saturday, December 16, 2023

Ratings of Turkish TV

Ratings of Turkish TV

The series “Mountain of Hearts (Gönül Dağı)” grew by 0.79% in total and by 2.38% in AB. A phenomenal show that has maintained high ratings for four consecutive years, making it one of Turkey’s most beloved series. Unfortunately, it does not enjoy popularity abroad. But with such figures, the fifth season is practically guaranteed.

The series “For my family (Kardeşlerim)” lost 0.26% in total and grew by 0.90% in AB. The rating is stable enough to easily reach the end of this season. Moreover, the creators may face an irresistible temptation to extend it for a fifth season, but the decision will be made in the spring.

The series “My Name is Farah (Adım Farah)” lost 0.03% in total and 0.08% in AB. However, this is already of little significance; the show will conclude with the 26th episode, and fans simply enjoy their favorite on-screen couple, paying little attention to capricious ratings.

1. Mountain of Hearts (Gönül Dağı) – 10.55%⬆
2. For my family (Kardeşlerim) – 6.67%⬇
13. My Name is Farah (Adım Farah) – 2.16%⬇

1. Mountain of Hearts (Gönül Dağı) – 9.22%⬆
6. For my family (Kardeşlerim) – 3.62%
13. My Name is Farah (Adım Farah) – 1.95%⬇