Rating for Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Ratings of Turkish TV

Ratings of Turkish TV

Rating for Wednesday brought Turkish viewers a new series, “One Love (Bir Sevdadır),” which started quite weakly. However, considering that the series airs on the state channel TRT1, it will have enough time to find its audience and stay on air at least until the end of this season. Moreover, the results of the first episode do not determine the show’s fate; many successful series started quite weakly.

The series “The Ottoman (Kuruluş Osman)” grew by 0.17% in total and 0.09% in AB. The historical show by producer Mehmet Bozdag is entering its final stage with a loyal audience that will stay with it until the end of the season, when viewers bid farewell to the series’ characters. It is worth noting that five seasons were planned from the very beginning.

The series “My Wonderful Life (Şahane Hayatım)” grew by 0.33% in total but lost 0.41% in AB. The show is not a super hit but successfully maintains its positions on air, having its audience, and will reach the end of the season without significant issues. Whether there will be a second season will become clear based on spring ratings.

The series “Scent of the Trunk (Sandık Kokusu)” grew by 0.34% in total and 0.11% in AB. The O3 Medya show confidently feels itself on air and does not yield to competitors. Nothing threatens it until the end of the season. There is also a possibility of extending the series for a second season if the ratings remain stable.

1. The Ottoman (Kuruluş Osman) – 8.15%⬆
4. My Wonderful Life (Şahane Hayatım) – 5.65%⬆
7. Scent of the Trunk (Sandık Kokusu) – 4.63%⬆
16. One Love (Bir Sevdadır) – 2.17%🆕

2. The Ottoman (Kuruluş Osman) – 5.38%⬆
3. Scent of the Trunk (Sandık Kokusu) – 5.25%⬆
4. My Wonderful Life (Şahane Hayatım) – 4.96%⬇
18. One Love (Bir Sevdadır) – 1.42%🆕