The series “Teşkilat” has been renewed for a 5th season

Organization / Teşkilat

Organization / Teşkilat

The popular Turkish series “Teşkilat” has officially been renewed for a 5th season. According to available information, the current 4th season of the project will come to an end after the 111th or 112th episode airs in June of this year.

It has also become known that closer to the finale of the current season, some of the actors will start leaving the series. One of the main stars – Aybuke Pusat – will continue acting in the 5th season.

However, it is still unclear whether Omer Atmaca Murat Yildirim will return to his role. There are rumors that he may leave the show. Initially, Murat signed a contract for only one season, but then at the insistence of the channel and producers, he agreed to act in the second season as well.

Thus, the fate of his character remains in question, while the other details of the upcoming personnel reshuffles in the cast are not being disclosed yet.

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