The new Turkish-Russian series “Close Happiness”

Umut Gezer

Umut Gezer


The shooting of the new Turkish series “Close Happiness”, which promises to become a true embodiment of the Russian soul, has begun.

The series tells the story of Nina, a modest girl, and Ruslan, an enviable bachelor and owner of the most exquisite women’s clothing store in Antalya. After the loss of his wife, Ruslan devoted himself entirely to raising his son and to his business, avoiding serious relationships despite the attention of women.

The series features both Russian actors—Alina Voskresenskaya, Mikhail Kremer, Anna Ardova, Vadim Andreev—as well as stars from Turkey—Ferhat Yılmaz, Oğuzhan Çakmak, Miray Akay, Batuhan Gülcemal, and others.

One of the roles in the series will be played by Umut Gezer, known to audiences for his work in the sensational Turkish hit “Kingfisher”. He has already arrived in Moscow, greeted Russia and Russian viewers, and confessed that he is very excited.

The premiere is expected on the KION streaming service.