Who is Duygu Sarışın – Çagatay Ulusoy’s sweetheart?

Çagatay Ulusoy is one of the most popular Turkish actors who managed to win the hearts of millions of viewers in a short time. However, for a long time, Çagatay’s heart remained free, despite the fact that the actor was credited with many love affairs.

Everything changed on the set of his hit Inside, where the actor played the main role and met his love Duygu Sarışın. Young people concealed their relationship, converged and parted, but it seems that the love was strong enough. The press was able to make the pictures of the lovers on vacation in Bodrum

Who is Duygu Sarışın?

The girl was born in 1987 in Izmir. She is three years older than her beloved man. Her father was the mayor of the city of Konak, being one of the active members of the ruling party of President Erdogan. Her mother was the head of PTT company. Duygu has an older sister, an opera singer.

Initially, the family assumed that the youngest daughter would become a designer and gave it to the University of Izmir at the Faculty of Fashion and Design. However, the girl turned out to be a character, abandoning her studies and independently enrolling in the faculty of performing arts and acting.

After studying, Duygu worked for two years in the Izmir State Theater but realized that she would not make a career in the province and rushed to Istanbul. After the modest roles in the tv series, Duigu received a role as Commissioner Sema in the superhit Inside, where she met her great love Çagatay Ulusoy.

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She also played in William Shakespeare’s play at the Istanbul State Theater. Immediately after completion of the series Inside Duigu received an offer from director Ali Bilgin to play one of the main roles of the popular series Stiletto Vendetta. It is curious that Ali is one of the very close friends of Çagatay Ulusoy.

Currently, career and personal life Duygu Sarışın is on the rise, but how its story with Çagatay ends, we assume not to undertake. Maybe we are waiting for a wedding, and perhaps a stormy breakup.

Right now she is very supportive of him in a difficult situation

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