Engin Akyürek – a man with a golden heart

One of the leading stars of the Turkish screen, Engin Akyürek, once again proved that he has the reputation of one of the most decent and modest actors of the country.

As journalists found out, during the filming of the film “Children are entrusted to you” Engin took patronage over one of the assistants employed on the set. The boy had serious material problems and Engin through the director of the picture helped to solve them.

However, his help was not limited to this. After the completion of the film, Engin learned that the parents of the young man are seriously ill. So the actor decided to transfer 100 thousand Turkish liras, which he received from the sale of the movie abroad, for the treatment of the old couple.

It is not without reason that the surname Akyürek is translated as a “pure heart”

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