A well-known journalist defended the series The Protector

The well-known journalist Abdurrahman Balcılar sincerely loves , whom he has known personally since the filming of the series I called her Feriha.

Not surprisingly, Abdurrahman reacted with great resentment to the pejorative response of the columnist of Posta magazine Mesut Yar to the release of the first Turkish series.

In particular, the blogger reminded that Çağatay is one of the most popular actors not only in Turkey but also abroad. And the release of the series The Protector is expected not only by the Turkish audience but by millions of fans around the world. Blaming Netflix for greed, not having enough grounds – is pretty stupid and short-sighted.

Especially considering that the platform invests in the promotion of The Protector, introducing it internationally (remember the presentation in Rome along with the most popular Netflix series). So what exactly does Mesut Yar want without even looking at the teaser of the project?

Conclusions we will do only when we see the final product, and not based on the fantasies of journalists.

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