Series The Protector becomes Netflix marketing tool



The largest financial analytical magazine Barrons, owned by Dow Jones & Company (the world’s leading financial information agency, publisher of The Wall Street Journal) posted a large overview of the future development of the Netflix Internet platform and the continued growth of the company’s stock, which was made by David Miller, Senior Financial Analyst, Imperial Capital Group.

The analyst has noted that international content allows Netflix to outpace the competition and gives the company value growth. In particular, the TV series Guard (Great Britain), Baby (Italy) and The Protector (Turkey) are given as an example.

Considering the importance of such an analysis for making investment decisions in the world, the Protector series becomes the company’s financial argument and a factor in the growth of its shares in world markets.

Following it, the most respected financial magazine Fortune cited this analysis in view of the merger of Disney company and 21th Century Fox claiming that it is the biggest threat to Netflix. However, investors believe Netflix has powerful arguments that allow it to win this war. And this is quality content, including Strange Things, Bodyguard, Baby, and The Protector. They allowed the shares of the Internet platform to grow on the day of the announcement of the appearance of the most powerful competitor.

As you can see, the Protector goes from the category of “just another series of Netflix” into the category of marketing tools for the 150 billionth company. It is becoming more and more curious about what Netflix prepared for the next seasons, because in the face of increasing competition, the company’s managers will have to seriously invest in order to maintain their main asset, that is, successful TV shows.

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