Burak Özçivit – New Series

Burak Özçivit will appear in the series of the creators of Endless Love. After a loud statement by the Turkish media that Burak Özçivit has the burnout syndrome, followed a refutation from the actor himself.

To convince his fans that he was really all right, the actor slightly opened the veil over his further plans. Currently, Burak is fully engaged in the details of the future series of Star TV and Ay Yapim company, which promises to become one of the biggest in this autumn-winter season.

While we know about the two “orphan” series of Ay Yapim: The Ruthless Istanbul with Serenay Sarikaya (presumably) and the remake of the old project of the company itself (presumably Yaprak Dökümü). It may be also the series The Fight with . But this series was prepared for the Show TV channel. However, in Turkish serial industry, you cannot be 100% sure in anything.

But there is one thing that we now know for sure – Burak returns and he will again work together with the Ay Yapim company, with whom he did the previous series The Endless Love.


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