Burak Özçivit talked about his son

Burak Özçivit

Burak Özçivit

Burak Özçivit after a short holiday break resumed his sports activities, preparing to return to the screens in Turkey’s most anticipated historical series, Resurrection: Osman / Diriliş: Osman. On Saturday, June 8, the actor was spotted in the Bebek area, leaving the gym. Journalists immediately noticed that the actor changed the license plates on his luxurious Ferrari 360 Modena worth 1 million lira. From now on, the letters on the sign KAR correspond to the name of his firstborn Karan. By the way, the car turned out to be old one, just the numbers were changed.

Burak admitted that, unlike in previous years, he had not left Istanbul, and had celebrated Uraza Bayram with his family and wife. After all, their son is only two months old, and they don’t want to leave him with someone. Journalists have already found out that the relatives of the Fahriye from Germany visited the young parents on holidays. When asked why he still hasn’t shown his son, the actor diplomatically avoided the answer, saying that he simply had no time, since little Karan takes all his free time. By the way, he really doesn’t have much time: six days a week, Burak is engaged in fencing, horse riding, taking archery lessons, preparing for a new project.

Also, the Turkish press reports that Burak Özçivit plans in early July to go on a short vacation for 10 days with his wife and son renting a yacht. The couple will visit Marmaris and the islands of the Aegean Sea. As far as this information is true, it is not yet completely clear, but it will definitely might be useful for Burak before a five-year marathon.

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