Will Erkan Meriç and Hazal Subaşı play in the new series?

Erkan Meriç and Hazal Subaşı

and Hazal Subaşı

The reviewer of the main tabloid of Turkey the Posta newspaper Mesut Yar is well known to fans of the Turkish TV series as the main source of rumors and gossip.

The favorite TV couple of journalist is Erkan Meriç and Hazal Subaşı, who left recently the series The Prisoner of Love. After a ton of lies that the actors will stay in the daily project, Mesut quickly “changed the topic” and now tells a new story.

According to him, Erkan Meriç was offered a role in the series Light of my life, but the character seemed to the actor too rough and he rejected the offer. Hazal Subaşı also received a proposal to play in this series. She will play the wife of the protagonist in the performance of Tolgahan Sayışman.

The main heroine of the series becomes the known for her role in the smash hit Resurrection: Ertugrul. Alas, the hopes of the Meriç-Subaşı couple that their favorite actors will play together again until it is fated to come true.

But Erkan has two more offers from major producers on prime-time series, one of which he most likely will take.

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