Erkan Meriç in the TV series Warrior / Savaşçı

Erkan Meriç’s fans can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Their favorite actor returns to the screens. However, there were serious problems with the show he joined. What is known at the moment?

Ercan Meriç returns to the screens after a two-year hiatus in his acting career. As it became known, the actor joined the cast of the series Warrior / Savaşçı, produced by Limon Film. The actor’s character is named Bektaş Subaşi, and this is not the main character.

The joy of the actor’s fans is understandable: after all, he had been waiting for the role for more than two years after leaving the daily series Prisoner of Love in 2018. After that, his co-star in the TV show, Hazal Subaşi, has already managed to star in three prime-time TV series, including the super hit The Pit / Cukur. Looks like the change of manager helped, he got the job right away.

However, not everything is so smooth. Limon Film has been on the verge of bankruptcy for many years. Every six months, the film crew of the series Warrior, which is in its fifth season, went on strike demanding payment of salary. Fox TV refused to continue broadcasting the project, now negotiations are underway with channel D.

The main problem of the producers is the departure of the leading actor. left the project to join the cast of the successful series Forbidden Fruit. According to preliminary information, the protagonist of the project may be Sarp Levendoglu, who was Berk’s costar in previous seasons of the Warrior. Filming should start next week.

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