Netflix series “Ottoman Rising” – latest details

Emre Şahin

Emre Şahin

Famous journalist Buket Aydin visited the Golden Globe awards ceremony in Los Angeles and spoke with the main producer of Pictures company Emre Şahin, who told her about the company’s future plans in the Turkish market. A brief summary of the interview is as follows:

  • He has been living in the USA for 20 years, and Karga 7, that he founded with two American partners, has existed for more than 11 years. Teaming up with the German Red Arrow, they produce 7-10 projects a year. Last year they opened an office in Turkey. The developed several projects for , as well as for the Fox channel.
  • The company is currently working on the Turkish adaptation of the Suits series.
  • The company has already worked with Netflix, so the decision to work together on the series “Ottoman Rising” looks quite logical.
  • The docudrama “Ottoman Rising” will consist of 6 episodes (provisionally), with modern narratives and flashbacks.
  • Netflix will broadcast the series all over the world, however the right to show the series in China belongs exclusively to Karga 7 (Netflix is not present in China) and the series will be presented in the Chinese market, the contracts have already been concluded
  • As the series will be released internationally, the project language will be English.
  • Most of the actors will be Turkish, although initially, the international cast should have been 50%
  • Finally, Emre, who acts as the director of the series, decided that it would be logical that Turkish cast should be involved in the work.
  • The cast has already been formed, there are several well-known names and there are many young Turkish actors who are not yet familiar to the audience.
  • There are several foreign actors, both British and American, and therefore they have to work with different accents.
  • The script for the series “Ottoman Rising” is written by Emre Şahin himself and his partners Kelly Macpherson and Elizabeth Lake. They also took on the team a very famous English screenwriter. Their goal is to tell a story that would reach people all over the world and use the maximum number of Turkish actors.
  • Regarding the success of the Netflix series “,” Emre is very happy that such a project has appeared and has become popular. Noting that the series could not be done on conventional television channels, that have their own requirements, which sometimes drive the industry to a standstill. And “” – out of this impasse.
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