Why did İbrahim Çelikkol kiss Birce Akalay?

Flight of the Bird / Kuş Uçuşu

As the crow flies / Kuş Uçuşu

The Turkish press continues to discuss the dialogue between the stars of the series “As the crow flies / Kuş Uçuşu,” Birce Akalay and İbrahim Çelikkol, at a celebratory dinner dedicated to the release of the second season of the Netflix show.

Birce said, “He is a special person, a real man, and such people are rare in our society.” İbrahim, blushing at such a compliment, kissed his partner on the shoulder, expressing his gratitude.

The day before, Birce Akalay was spotted in the Nisantasi district of Istanbul, and when asked about the unusual attention from her partner, she replied, “There is nothing strange about it; it’s human nature. Haven’t you ever hugged your friend?” She explained that they love each other like a brother and sister.

The fact that İbrahim Çelikkol  has a girlfriend makes it clear that attempts by the Turkish media to portray a romance between him and Birce are unfounded; they are, in fact, just friends.

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