Netflix and Turkish series

Due to the increasing competition in the streaming broadcasting market and, in particular, the launch of their own platforms of companies such as Disney, Warner Media and NBC Universal, Netflix expects to increase investments in the production of original products from 12.04 billion dollars to 15 billion dollars this year, as well as expand investments to 17.8 billion dollars in the following. It is expected to continue such hits as The Umbrella Academy, Triple Frontier, The Irishman, 6 Underground, The Politician, The Crown, 13 Reasons Why, La Casa de Papel, Elite and Stranger Things.

Of course, fans of Turkish TV shows are primarily concerned with the question of what part of this delicious movie-pie will get Turkish products. It is already known that Netflix will continue to develop the flagship of the Turkish TV series, released under the label Netflix Originals of the series The Protector, extending it for three seasons at once. Also in the development of the company are two more series – a fantastic project with the participation starring Beren Saat, the shooting of which will be carried out in the historic Gebeleklitepe and the doctrama Ottoman Rising, which will be filmed entirely in English. The fate of the series Wolf, whose first season enjoys the attention of a foreign audience, is not known, but there is the possibility  of extension for the following seasons. There is also information that several more serials are being prepared in collaboration with Turkish producers with the participation of the largest Turkish stars.

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