Did Fahriye Evcen become a recluse?

It seems that every tabloid of Turkey must necessarily be noted with an article about the Özçivit family. And the news can be any degree of “truthfulness” on the principle “if you threw it out, then said it confidently.” 

Journalist Bilal Özcan said that only 2 months left before Fahriye Evcen gives birth, she gets fat and stopped doing sports (well, we wonder whether he thinks that the pregnant women run crosses and thin as reeds?). According to the journalist, Fahriye does not want to appear in public in this form, so she locked herself in her house and does not accept anyone. Only the husband from time to time takes her out into the nature, to get some fresh air.

In addition, Fahriye is allegedly terribly jealous of his spouse Burak Özçivit, even to married women, however, Burak himself does not bother at all, on the contrary, he is pleased. He loves his wife very much.

The room for the baby is ready, the couple did not buy expensive furniture. It seems that journalists have another amnesia – they have already forgotten how a couple of months ago they wrote that Burak’s and Fahrye’s fathers had bought the baby’s room as a gift.

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