Hazal Kaya and Burak Deniz: crisis on the set?

 Hazal Kaya and Burak Deniz

Hazal Kaya and

The newspaper Posta continues to do its favorite thing: to gossip. This time, it put a target on Hazal Kaya and Burak Deniz. According to the publication, Hazal and Burak quarreled on February 7 immediately after the wedding of Hazal and Ali Atay, and since then they have been trying not to interfere with each other and have the contact only in joint scenes.  The film crew was divided into “supporters of Burak” and “supporters of Hazal.” Also, the newspaper reminds that Nesrin Cavadzade left the series with the scandal, clearly hinting at the scandalous character of Hazal.

Burak Deniz at the wedding of Hazal Kaya

at the wedding of Hazal Kaya

However, we are forced to remind journalists that Burak posted a photo from the wedding of Hazal just on February 7 (apparently in the midst of a “quarrel”). In addition, during February “offended” Burak actively liked the photos of his partner on Instagram. Maybe he was not offended at all?

Apparently, Posta information is a response to the scandal on social networks, that was organized by Burak and Hazal fans, demanding producers to pay attention to a leading couple of the Our Story / Bizim Hikaye series and not to switch to secondary characters, in particular, Rahmet and Deniz. This is not the first time that producer Fatih Aksoy is trying to “cover up the rear” by making such scandals.

Hazal Kaya and Burak Deniz

Hazal Kaya and Burak Deniz

However, not all of the Turkish press “swallowed the bait”. Some magazines paid attention to the scandal that erupted yesterday after a promo of the 60th episode of the series was released. Users of social networks, dissatisfied with the fact that producer Fatih Aksoy is going to do the third season of the series without the leading couple Hazal Kaya and Burak Deniz, clearly pushing the youth couple Rakhmet-Deniz forward, expressed everything they think under the promo in very strong terms.

Hazal laughed over the whole situation in her insta stories. Probably the reaction of Burak, too, not long to wait. In the meantime, Mehmetcan Mincinozlu, who plays the role of police officer Cemil in the series, wrote the following message: “Why are you so naive? Do you really believe the news that the Posta newspaper publishes? Yes, you shouldn’t even read them, there’s a real horror. For some reason, before the wedding, they didn’t write about the scandals, and then the relationship suddenly deteriorated, ah, Allah. Everything is all right, everything is fine, everything is in order. And the Posta newspaper is real deep end. ”

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