Turkish stars support the movement “Black Lives Matter”

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

After the murder by police of an unarmed black man, George Floyd (who, moreover, was handcuffed), a protest movement against police violence from the US spread to other countries. In Turkey, stars, one after the other, join in the protest, publishing on their pages on Instagram a black square with the slogan “Black Lives Matter.” Among them are Hazal Kaya, and Beren Saat.

Hazal also left a message in Instatories:

Do not let them convince you that a broken cup or broken private property is violence
Hunger is violence
Homelessness is violence
War is violence
Bombs on people’s heads are violence
Racism is violence
White supremacy is violence
Lack of medical care is violence
Poverty is Violence
Water Pollution for profit is violence

Property can be replaced, human life can not

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