Kıvanç or Çağatay? Who did Hazal Kaya choose?

Kıvanç or Çağatay?

Kıvanç or Çağatay?

Hazal Kaya, who is in quarantine with her husband and son, gave an online interview to the famous presenter Ibrahim Selim. For almost a week, her words have been discussed in social networks, in the Turkish press and on television, the interview stays in the trends of YouTube. What did the star say and why did such a strong reaction follow?

Hazal Kaya admitted that she really likes being a mom. She did not experience any particular inconvenience in the postpartum period. And in general, she doesn’t mind giving birth to a second or even third child. It seems that the husband of Hazal, who was next to her during the interview, is not at all against this prospect. However, while Hazal is thinking about work, reiterating that women and men in show business should receive equal pay for equal work. “Just demand equal pay. And you don’t need a shoulder to cry on,” the star said.

But, of course, the actress will be able to start work only after the end of quarantine. She and her husband have been completely isolated for 30 days, and as Hazal admitted, when she bought various devices that disinfect the room during the pregnancy, her family laughed at her. Now she wants an apology from them, since they are happy to use her stocks and look for them in stores. By the way, little has changed in the life of Hazal, she is at home after the birth of her son and is very glad that she has the luxury of staying at home calmly when an infection is raging around.

As Hazal confessed, her most vivid impressions came from her work on Forbidden Love, which she is still reviewing. To the question of Ibrahim Selim, she would agree to play in the sequel of the series on some digital platform, Hazal Kaya replied cheerfully: “Yes, right now! I’m packing up the baby, and then we’re on set”.

The most quoted phrase from an interview with Hazal, which provoked a storm of reaction in both social networks and the Turkish press, was her assessment of her former co-stars. With her straight face to the question of which co-star you were the most comfortable working with, Hazal answered: “Kıvanç. I really love everyone. True, we couldn’t get along with Çağatay, but we were still young. And he was a newcomer to the profession. Aras is very good. Burak is also cute. They are all cute, but Kıvanç taught me a lot. I still love and respect him as an older brother. Therefore, Kıvanç. ”

Of course, when Hazal said that during the shooting of the series “The girl named Feriha” she didn’t get along with Çağatay, the reporters decided it was a sensation. However, this fact has been known for several years. The initial cool relationship between the actors quickly grew into a sincere friendship and now Hazal and Çağatay have become great friends. As Hazal herself admits, she considers Çağatay her brother.

The interview with Hazal Kaya and the reaction to it once again showed what authority the actress has among Turkish viewers and how they expect her to return to the screens. When that happens, it will depend on the epidemiological situation in the world. We remind you that Hazal is now preparing for the film, in which she will be not only an actress, but also one of the scriptwriters.


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