Love nest of Serenay Sarikaya and Çağatay Ulusoy was sold



The series are one of the important export items in the Turkish economy. However, as it turned out, the development of the country can be supported not only by sales abroad. The owner of the mansion in the Tuzla district, who put up for sale his luxurious mansion of 9 rooms and a swimming pool, did not regret that he had agreed to shoot a series in his house a few years earlier.

Among the fans of the Tide / Medcezir series, who visited the filming sites of their favorite project, was a wealthy Arab businessman who paid 19 million 500 thousand lira for the luxury villa along with memories of love Mira Beylince and Yaman Koper. According to rumors, not only the characters of the series were in love, but also the actors themselves, although Serenay Sarikaya and always denied the romance.

In any case, there was love or not will remain a mystery, but the benefit of the owner of the mansion is quite tangible and brings real fruit.

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