Hande Doğandemir responded to criticism

Hande Doğandemir, who, along with her colleagues Ali Atay, Hazal Kaya and Haluk Bilginer, presented at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York a new film, “Land of Noah,” was strongly criticized in social networks for its unfortunate appearance on the red carpet.  By the way, the famous Turkish stylist Rutkay Öziş is responsible for her style. He dressed also Hazal Kaya.

Hande did not remain silent and spoke out about the criticism as follows: “Now in New York comes the prestigious Tribeca festival, in which the Turkish film is presented. Instead of being proud of it, you discuss and criticize how the actors look. Of course, criticizing clothes is much more fun. But we came here for the festival, the name of which you did not hear. So I decided to share this information with you”.

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