Hazal Kaya answered the question about her husband

Actress Hazal Kaya congratulated her husband on Twitter for the award “Best Actor in a Foreign Film” at the Tribeca International Film Festival in New York. However, there was a subscriber who decided to teach the actress how to live by writing: “Honey, you should pay as much attention to your career as you pay to your husband’s career. This is not my business, but I still say.”

Hazal wrote in response: “He received a very important international award, and this is the first Turk to receive such an award. Even if he was not my husband, I would write about it, because regardless of who gets, I am proud of his success. You also should support your loved ones, you will not lose anything, but vice versa. And this is none of your business, yes! ”

Alas, some people have absolutely no tact and are ready to get into someone else’s life with tips that no one asks for them.

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