Enis Arıkan spoke about Hazal Kaya

Enis Arıkan & Hazal Kaya

Enis Arıkan &

Enis Arıkan was a guest on the Ibrahim Selim talk show, where he made very interesting statements about his colleagues on the set. Admitting that he was very pleased to meet again on the set of the film What Can I Do / Benden Ne Olur ?, Enis said that in fact he has known the actress for a very long time. In their first series Genco, over 10 years ago, she was still a schoolgirl. She came to the shooting in school uniform, and her mother entrusted Enis with her daughter, so he was something of a bodyguard. She was very small, but walked around Taksim as Kahtali Miçe (a singer known for his impressive size). How nice it is to work again with someone you’ve known for so many years. He does not worry about how he acts next to Hazal at all – whether it turned out badly. Nothing terrible will happen, even if he played poorly.

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